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Written by: Philip Church
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In amongst the multi-billion euro funds allocated to advancing the Single European Sky, €300 million has recently been made available through INEA (Innovation and Networks Executive Agency), as part of the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF). The majority (80%) of the funds are to be spent on SESAR deployment as part of the 'Pilot Common Project' (see graphic alongside) with the remaining 20% allocated to other projects which can be shown to make a significant contribution to ATM performance.

However, with the deadline for applications currently set at 26 February 2015, organisations will need to act fast to gather together the necessary documentation and prepare a compelling case.

Priority is being given to cross-border projects involving several stakeholders and addressing systems improvement, civil-military cooperation and fragmentation. Unlike previous years, applications this year can mix study and works. Furthermore, a 'cost effectiveness' assessment will be needed to justify funding for the project.

As well as seeking matched funding for projects that can be delivered by 2016, it is also possible to apply retrospectively for funds towards projects already implemented or studies begun during 2014. Typical investment levels are around €1 million, but grants will vary according to the scale of the project.

In the last 10 days we have seen press announcements relating to funding for SESAR and to the appointment of the SESAR Deployment Manager. How the Deployment Manager will coordinate and synchronise deployment of SESAR technologies is still being clarified but in order to align with the current CEF call, there is an even more pressing need for applications to be developed and coordinated quickly.

We know from our experience with TEN-T funding applications that applications must be clear and persuasive, demonstrate an understanding of the SES regulations, and evidence a thorough level of preparation to ensure success. Given the tight timescales for this round of funding, we have set up a dedicated team to support customers. If you have any questions about INEA funding, please contact me, James Hanson or Mark Scott.

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