Airports and aviation regulations – an intern’s experience at Helios

Written by: Henry Biddlecombe
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Life at Helios is exciting, dynamic and fast-paced. Whilst the work is challenging, a flexible and relaxed working environment allows considerable autonomy over exactly how you choose to manage your time and meet deadlines as well as helping with work-life balance. The open and supportive office setting is ideal for fostering engagement, whilst ensuring that help and advice is never far away. The friendly environment is bolstered by Monday morning cake and coffee breaks, allowing everyone to catch-up after the weekend and making starting the week that bit easier!

One of the key highlights for me as an intern, was the responsibility I was given from day one. From the very start of my time at the Helios I was made to feel welcome and valued, leading not only to greater personal enjoyment but also allowing greater engagement with a range of staff members, who played an important role in helping me to learn new skills.

The diversity of work at Helios meant that no two days were the same. As well as carrying out a noise monitoring project for flights to major UK airport, I carried out some airport operational analysis on and was involved in some regulatory work surrounding recent amendments to drugs and alcohol regulation. Not only did I enjoy the variety of work I was able to do but the chance to get deep into projects gave me a genuine and useful insight into not only the varieties of work Helios undertakes but also life as a management consultant.

With a Geography background and little specific aviation knowledge, the internship posed a steep learning curve and there were of course, difficult aspects. Some of the more technical areas of the work initially posed a challenge to me; such as the operation of complex modelling software and the complexities of air traffic control. However, the open and non-hierarchical environment meant that all members of staff were approachable and happy to offer assistance. The autonomy I was given combined with supportive staff members created an ideal environment for dynamic, self-driven learning which ultimately lead to a satisfying and extremely rewarding experience.

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