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Written by: Helios
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A whole summer spent at Helios was the perfect opportunity for me to learn some important lessons. I realised that you don't have to be an expert when it comes to aviation in order to enjoy the challenges experienced while working in this field. I believe this applies to every other aspect in your life, as long as you strive for perfection and you enjoy what you're doing.

Being an undergraduate and coming from a less technical background somehow made me feel nervous during my first week here. However, I quickly came to realise that Helios truly encourages a supportive environment. I think this played a crucial role throughout my internship in giving me more confidence. This wouldn't have been possible without having the chance to work with dedicated people who are always more than happy to help.

In terms of work, it's just a matter of how involved you would like to be. There are plenty of opportunities out there and a lot of diversity. One of the main projects that I've been working on was an internal one related to business development. The work itself offered me exposure to different areas of the business and it was also fascinating to see the real benefits that I can bring to the company through my contribution. Considering my management background, I truly appreciated that everyone here takes into account any personal preferences and tries their best to accommodate them.

Perhaps the key highlight of my internship was a business trip to Dublin where I got the chance to experience what management consulting is really like. Apart from your daily responsibilities, it also involves a lot of traveling and often working at client's offices. It can swiftly become exhausting if you don't know how to maintain an appropriate work-life balance. Luckily enough, this will never be the case at Helios as you are always encouraged and helped to achieve it. From this perspective, I was impressed that a life coach came to a staff meeting to share advice on achieving a good work-life balance.

Regardless of your background, I would highly recommend this experience to anyone who would like to understand what consultancy entails. If you have a particular interest in aviation that's even better, but don't be afraid to challenge yourself as I did. It ended up being one of the biggest development opportunities of my career to date.

Adela is currently studying at UCL School of Management, the business school of University College London. Previously she studied computer science and architecture in Romania.

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