CANSO publishes the 5th annual report on ANS performance in conjunction with Helios

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The CANSO Global Air Navigation Services Performance Report 2014 is now available.

Announcing the release of the report, CANSO director general Jeff Poole said: "This is the fifth year that CANSO has published this report and the first year that CANSO has worked jointly with Helios, whose independent oversight and expertise has brought substantial benefits to the process. I am encouraged that participation is up on previous years with seven new ANSPs participating for the first time. For future reports I hope we can build trust and confidence in the process and secure higher levels of participation. The more Members that participate, the greater the credibility and value of the report for ANSPs as well as our industry partners.€"

The report covers cost efficiency, productivity and pricing and revenues. It is presented in two parts:

  • Part One (The Industry View) shows industry trends and key messages.
  • This complements the detailed Part Two, which shows performance at the individual ANSP level (The ANSP View), identifying key performance indicators and data for named ANSPs.

This information, along with the data sharing activity that is complementary to the report, enables participating CANSO Members to study their own efficiency against that of other ANSPs and to identify opportunities for performance improvement. This activity supports Members in general benchmarking, identification of best practice and dialogue with stakeholders.

The findings point to an industry mostly in recovery, with increasing traffic levels, and improving cost efficiency and productivity. In 2013 the majority of ANSPs reduced their cost per IFR flight hour. Traffic trends varied across regions with Asia Pacific experiencing strong growth, while developed markets such as Europe and North America saw low or even negative growth. A number of ANSPs reduced unit costs in spite of decreasing traffic, a significant achievement.

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