Helios experts talk cyber-security, drones and PBN

Written by: Helios
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Take a look at our short 4 minute video clips with Matt Shreeve, Steve Leighton and Philip Church from our recent annual Airport Seminar.

Cyber-security expert Matt Shreeve covers why cyber-security is getting more difficult to ensure and how airport use of COTS products affects it. He also has some words of guidance for airports on what they should be doing to address the risks.

Director of Airport Consulting Steve Leighton talks about how Performance Based Navigation (PBN) is changing the noise environment around airports. He explains why airspace modernisation causes so many noise problems and addresses the question of whether PBN can be implemented without upsetting people with additional aviation noise.

And finally, drones expert Philip Church tells us some of the features being added to small drones to help safeguard airports. He touches on the question of whether regulation alone will be able to stop drones flying near airports and what practical measures could be taken to reduce the risk of drone incidents.

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