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The European GNSS Agency (GSA), has launched an exciting new competition called MyGalileoDrone, with a considerable first prize of €100,000 and a total prize pool of €230,000. This contest is targeting the design and development of drone-based apps and services using a Galileo enabled receiver for positioning or navigation. The first milestone is to submit an idea by 15th September 2020, that will then be developed in the next phases. The official news release from the GSA tells you more.

Helios is supporting the GSA right through to the finals of the competition, including coordinating support to applicants, demonstration flights, airfield permissions and competition management.

The competition is open to all Member States (including the UK) and seeks to tap into the EU's innovative spirit to deliver applications and services to boost Europe's competitiveness, resilience and sustainability. The GSA is looking for trailblazing ideas in applications such as smart mobility, sustainable agriculture or environmental protection, or solutions that exploit synergies between 5G and space data, or support the Internet of Things, or why not the next big thing.

In the finals, the selected teams will perform a live demo and pitch their ideas to investors. During the development process, the applicants will receive mentoring and coaching from recognised experts in the drone market. These experts will accompany them as they build their application, develop tests and get ready from the business perspective to attract investors and move to market.

The deadline to submit your ideas is fast approaching, don't miss out on being part of this exciting initiative!

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