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Written by: Claire Davies
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'Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.'

Inspired by James' smattering of quotes in his Airspace Guardian article, I thought I'd begin this editorial with a quote of my own. Except, of course it's not mine, it belongs to Albert Einstein! It came to mind when reviewing this issue of ON AIR, because there are many things that cannot be measured, and yet they matter. For example, the enjoyment you get from watching a great Rugby match. The Rugby score may tell one story, yet the game itself may tell another entirely. The score does not necessarily reflect the quality of the game.

This may seem strange, coming from someone whose working life is so thoroughly immersed in data and statistics. But, as Sarah Lay, explains in her article about safety culture, we overlook too often the importance of words and language in our everyday work – not easy to measure, and they really do count.

Yet we ignore data at our peril. As a society and as an industry real time data capture, communication and analysis is creating opportunities and threats to the way we do business and to the lives we lead. ATM and aviation businesses are at a digital crossroads. Which direction should they take, what really counts? Get some insights in Adam's article on Digital Strategy.

Which brings me back to James' article. You can't measure what has not happened, but you can assess potential threats and opportunities, focus on organisational agility and resilience to cope better with tomorrow's unknowns, like who will be the Airspace Guardians of the future?

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