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Written by: Helios
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Can we measure how innovative countries are?
It seems so.

For the eighth year running Switzerland wins the accolade of most innovative country, according to the Global Innovation Index. See the infographic below to find out who were the runners up. The index is calculated using five input pillars that capture elements of the national economy that enable innovative activities: 1) Institutions, 2) Human capital and research, 3) Infrastructure, 4) Market sophistication, and 5) Business sophistication. Then innovative outputs across knowledge, technology and creativity are added. Finally, an efficiency ratio is applied, showing how much innovation output a given country is getting for its inputs.

It would be interesting to apply these techniques and analysis across the aviation domain and see which countries would make up the top five! To our knowledge, this has not yet been done. But the aviation sector is investing across the board in innovation, and the rest of our infographic provides some key statistics.

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