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Expansion in cybersecurity team

This autumn we welcomed consultant Jakub Cunat to the Helios team. Jakub joins with a wealth of experience in cybersecurity, enterprise network security, analytics and IT project management. He will work closely with our cybersecurity lead Andy Boff. Says Jakub: "I have a great passion for aviation and cybersecurity, I am very excited to be joining Helios and having the best of both worlds - helping our clients to enhance their capabilities to protect against cyber threats." Helios CEO Claire Davies adds "We are thrilled to have Jakub join the team to bolster our cyber capability, a key area within the industry that we must remain vigilant on".

The IMPRESS project: European GNSS-based rail safety service

Together with Egis colleagues in Aviation and Rail, Helios has been contracted by the European Commission (EC) to conduct a study on the provision of a European rail safety service based on GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System).. The rail industry faces similar requirements for safety and integrity of satellite positioning systems as aviation, so our experts are applying their knowledge in the field of GNSS to the rail sector. The results of the study will feed into the EC roadmap to decide on the next steps towards the adoption of a European Railway Safety Service.

Philip Church appointed Vice Chairman of EUROCAE Council

Congratulations to Helios' Philip Church who has been appointed a Vice Chairperson for the EUROCAE council. This appointment is a brilliant example of our consultants being leaders in the industry. Philip joins the board with three other officers of the 20-member council which works towards defining strategic objectives, policy, business plan and associated annual budget for EUROCAE. The council also approves Working Groups and the publication of EUROCAE Documents.

Cybersecurity for UK Airports

The Assure Support Team is a new collaboration between Helios and ServiceTec, bringing together security experts from both organisations with the aim of supporting airports exposed to the ever-advancing needs of security regulation.

ServiceTec's experience of security in embedded airport operations complements Helios' experience of ATM systems security and security strategy development. Our current work focuses on supporting airports who have been engaged by the UK CAA to complete the CAP1753 Cybersecurity Oversight Process, especially around the work required to perform ASSURE self-assessments and the expertise needed to present those to an independent ASSURE auditor. For more information, please contact Andy Boff.

Is this the time and place to finally back up GNSS?

With a potential GNSS failure costing billions, we ask whether it's time we sorted out a back-up? Read the latest White Paper from our navigation experts, which focusses on the aviation use of GNSS. It sets out the case for modernisation, explores the pros and cons of the available options, and proposes next steps. Download the full paper here.

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