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The ICB's Olaf Dlugi talks vision and value

With the Industry Consultation Body's 2015 Annual Status Report hot off the press, we asked its chairman Olaf Dlugi to share his personal highlights of the last 12 months and the ICB's priorities for the year ahead.

"For me personally the publication of our vision for the Single European Sky at the beginning of last year was a huge step forwards. It provides us with a shared framework for action and clear goals. In the last year we have tackled some big and challenging topics, and been successful in achieving consensus. That success is in no small part down to the fact that the vision was in place.

It has helped us frame our recommendations for an 'Independent Performance and Economic Regulator' for the Single European Sky to improve monitoring and target setting; for a new-look EUROCONTROL; for synchronising (not just sequencing) the implementation projects in SESAR's Deployment Programme; for proposing regulatory responses to emerging challenges such as global aircraft tracking, cyber-security and drones. These achievements should not be underestimated, since they reflect agreement from 26 members, 10 observers and the teams of people they represent.

For 2016 the ICB will develop proactive and detailed proposals across many topics including SESAR deployment programmes, the extension of EASA, the evolution of the Network Manager and the Performance Scheme. We will continue to provide advice to the Commission on legislative proposals including SES2+ and planned changes to interoperability rules. Our work programme will be full and busy, so busy in fact that there will be a need to manage the burden on members, by taking a more streamlined and flexible approach to our working arrangements.

The value of the ICB is in synthesising fact and expert opinion into 'common positions' that give both stakeholders and the Commission confidence in the road ahead. This takes time, energy and commitment from everyone involved, but it will be helped by good structure and organisation, and that is in place."

Helios is proud to have supported the ICB for the last decade and looks forward to continuing to support its work under a new framework contract with the European Commission. For more information, contact Claire Davies.

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