From concept to implementation, Egis delivers truly end to end aviation consulting, engineering and operations know how. We have access to the best minds, advanced systems, and trusted processes.  

In practice, this means that you’ll find our experts in the boardroom discussing policy, at the workshop presenting results, on the ground inspecting tarmac, at the desk modelling software, or in the tower running trials.  

We love gathering data, building relationships, developing insights and solving problems. Our own airport network acts as a test bed for innovation that can be scaled up for larger airport clients. And we can draw on other specialist expertise across Egis for answers on energy, water, buildings, Mobility as a Service (MaaS), rail, road and more. 

The results of this project have been of excellent quality, the deadline was met and the budget respected. This project has been a pleasure to manage due to the teams pragmatism and willingness to carry through the many external changes, and also their professionalism in maintaining the schedule and providing quality deliverables in-line with the proposal.

Christopher Neville, European GNSS Agency