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Written by: Helios
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We were delighted to welcome ANSPs from around Central and Eastern Europe to a special seminar in Prague on 3rd October. Experts from Helios and Egis shared the platform with guest speakers from Hungarocontrol, PANSA and FAB-CE. Topics ranged from the future role and relevance of ANSPs to innovation, cybersecurity, ATM system upgrades, flight centric ATC and the future of FABs.

Commenting on the event, director and host Juraj Jirku said: "A show of hands indicated that most of the people in the room expect structural change in the aviation industry in response to environmental concerns and digital advances. Whether this will translate into a slower growth, or a change in the aircraft mix (or both) is up for debate. A clear message from the event is that service providers need to begin anticipating change and preparing for it now as well as using the data that they already have, which is a source of real opportunity."

Three of our presenters offered pragmatic tips for the change process and how to make it more effective. You can access their presentation slides here:

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